UJ implements advanced certificate security features to prevent fraudulent qualifications

​​Fraudulent higher education documents, or fake degrees and diplomas, are not only on the increase locally, but across the world.​

​​The University of Johannesburg (UJ), recognising the need to improve its security features on certificate paper, is the first South African higher education institution to partner with an international secure certification solutions company, Advanced Secure Technologies, specialising in overt and covert certificate security features to enhance the University’s certificate paper, to prevent certificate fraud, to stop counterfeiting and to avoid fraudulent alterations.

Says Mr Tinus van Zyl, Senior Manager: Academic Administration, UJ: “Educational achievement and the accompanying evidence are used to ensure access to employment. Often, individuals pursue unlawful avenues to obtain a qualification. It is, therefore, not surprising that fake qualifications have become a sought-after commodity, regardless of whether they have been earned or not. UJ’s new advanced certificate paper will make the assessing of our qualifications authenticity easier.”

He added that the UJ’s new advanced certificate paper incorporates cutting-edge security features such as visible deterrents that are almost impossible to replicate. The unique key features, as recommended by international document security standards, are fused into UJ’s certificate paper, which students will receive upon graduating.”

The key features which will be incorporated into the new UJ certificate are:​​

  • unique, controlled paper supply that has a genuine watermark for added security;
  • a holographic visual deterrent giving extra protection from dishonest forging;
  • UJ branded overprint of the hologram, giving extra protection from illegal counterfeiting;
  • individual numbering system for each certificate for auditing and verification;
  • a heat reactive spot for instant certificate authentication;
  • micro text security border; and
  • micro-numismatic invisible UV anti tampering technology similar to banknote-level security.

Says Kevin Bassett, Director at Advanced Secure Technologies: “We are really pleased to have partnered with UJ to ensure that the University’s qualifications are not placed in jeopardy and that the hard work of its graduates is not undermined by unauthorised and fraudulent degree certificates.”

Mr van Zyl concludes: “UJ’s new advanced security certificates will not only protect the University’s certificates from fraud but also preserve the reputation of the institution and the integrity of their qualifications.”​​


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