UJ at the forefront of innovation with new Online Master’s Programmes

On Monday, 2 October 2017, the University of Johannesburg (UJ), in partnership with Academic Partnerships, launched three new 100% online Master’s Degree programmes. The programmes are: a Master of Public Health, a Master of Public Management and Governance, and a Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology.

Says Prof Rory Ryan, Executive Director: Academic Development and Support, UJ: “The shift to online learning represents UJ’s commitment to innovation and excellence in our academic curriculum. The new Master’s programmes will equip our students with critical and professional skills that will benefit them in a competitive global environment. Online learning increases the reach of the University, to provide opportunities for those who want to integrate life, work and study in a way that suits their needs. State-of-the-art online learning materials, coupled with sophisticated systems of student support, are integral components of the suite of online academic programmes that UJ will implement in the next two years. This is an exciting time at UJ; we are confident that our online programmes will have a decisive impact on the development needs of our country and our continent.”

These programmes are the first of their kind at UJ and are designed fully to support online students through technology and online collaboration with peers and academic staff. All Master’s programmes comprise 180 credits and can be completed in two years. The format is built on 7-week modules offered 100% online, with 6 start dates per year, allowing students multiple entry points to a programme, and with the opportunity for them to determine their own pace and pay per module.

Says Siegie Brownlee, COO Academic Partnerships South Africa: “The rapid development of technology and the availability of the Internet is changing the way people communicate and learn. Likewise, the most rapidly developing trend in higher education is the use of technology for the delivery of instruction by universities around the world. Technology is a game changer for higher education. Its extraordinary ability to deliver knowledge is unbound by geography and time and has captured the imaginations of people around the world”.

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