The academic year is now in full swing!

Students at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) are excited and ready to begin the academic year!

This was the general feeling among students when the UJ media team visited the various UJ campuses to meet with them. The students were all asked to share their reasons for choosing UJ, and their responses ranged from how much they value the skills they learn in their courses to the university’s strong emphasis on the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

First-year Advanced Diploma in Management Services student Karabo Sello said she was excited to be part of an innovative institution like UJ.

“UJ is ranked second on the African continent, and the university is exploring opportunities offered by the Fourth Industrial revolution, which is something that I like!” Sello said.

Nico van Blerk, a second year Industrial Design student said it’s the diverse nature of UJ that makes it most exciting.

“I am excited to be at UJ because it is diverse and accommodates everyone. It’s also a place with many resources for us as students,” van Blerk said.

Final year Fashion design student, Nene, said they most appreciate being at UJ because it has taught them some valuable skills.

“UJ has taught me some valuable skills. When I got here, I couldn’t even sew, but today I am wearing [clothing] that I made myself!” they said.

UJ will have 52 500 students in the 2023 academic year, and as an institution, UJ takes pride in creating a space that is not only conducive to healthy students physically and mentally, but also in equipping them with critical skills that will help them succeed in the future. And the students concur!

In addition to the UJ media team interviews with students, the University’s Division for Institutional Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring (DIPEM), conducted an Orange Carpet Welcome Survey amongst the 1 633 first-year Orange Carpet students that registered at UJ (an increase of more than 500 students compared to 2022). The survey was conducted with the assistance of the Student Enrolment Centre (SEC) As a reminder, to qualify as an Orange Carpet Student, one must meet the programme entry requirements and have an APS score of 37 and above, with no subject below 70%.

Amongst those that responded, almost two-thirds indicated that UJ was their first-choice university, while half indicated they were first-generation university students. Some of the comments received included: “It is the greatest experience I have had so far. It was not my first choice, but I’m now feeling like it is the university I’m destined to be in”, “My experience at UJ is the most exciting and best feeling. The mentors, lecturers, librarians, etc. welcomed the first year students with warm and opened hands”, and “So far UJ has been great. I love the fact that they are offering sports on campus and res culture seems to be amazing. Its Lekker!!!”. We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to ensuring another successful enrolment period.

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