WATCH: UJ webinar explores the concern of mandatory vaccination

UJ held a webinar for employees and students on Wednesday, 24 August 2021 on the topic of COVID-19 vaccination- is it worth it?


The Primary Healthcare Service Division, IOHA and the Library at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) hosted a webinar to explore the topic of COVID-19 vaccines and how they impact the reopening and ongoing operational plans for society. Presenters provided information on vaccine education, including resources available to address vaccine misinformation in the community. They also shared aspects of what is identified and unidentified in the scientific community about vaccines, along with a general update about the national vaccination rollout.

The webinar was facilitated by Mosa Kaiser, a qualified actress, award nominated radio and TV presenter, she is also a 2021 TEDx University of Johannesburg Programme Director. The guest speaker was Eusebius McKaiser, a political analyst, broadcaster, Philosophy lecturer, writer and survivor of Covid-19, based in Johannebsurg.

Other speakers included: UJ’s Prof Nisha NaickerDepartment of Environmental Health, UJ’s Ms Zizipho Norubela, 3rd year Nursing (BCur) student, Faculty of Health Sciences and Mr Jason Van Rooyen, UJ Athletics (Shot Put).


Prof Naicker, noted that the vaccine does decrease the severity of the disease and in majority of cases it prevents death. ”The increase in Covid-19 patients that hospitals are seeing and the emergence of new variants of the virus underlines the importance of getting the vaccine quickly,” she said.

Eusebius McKaiser remarked on the issue of vaccination and ethics, stating that the Covid-19 recovery path is a journey and not an event as with many other medical conditions. “You have to rely on robust scientific research. An anecdote doesn’t count as a scientific peer-reviewed paper,” said McKaiser.

“I had the vaccine but still contracted Covid-19. Although vaccinating really reduces chances of one experiencing severe symptoms you don’t know how this disease will affect you neurologically, physically and whether you will have a relapse. Therefore your decision not to get vaccinated doesn’t only affect you; other people will suffer if you don’t get vaccinated,” he said.

UJ has arrangements in place to assist staff and students in receiving the COVID-19 jab. As from Wednesday, 25 August 2021, as many as 100 UJ students and staff can get vaccinated a day at the Liberty Life vaccination site in Braamfontein. The Centre has been identified as the vaccination site for UJ and Wits University staff and students, as part of the government’s vaccination drive. UJ has secured dedicated spots for staff and students.

UJ Covid-19 Statistics including UJ vaccination statistics can be accessed here:

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