UJ students assist most vulnerable during COVID-19 pandemic

Society’s most vulnerable groups such as the homeless and poor people are some of those who do not receive sufficient protective and hygienic goods during the COVID-19 pandemic. To curb this problem, the Joyce Legacy Foundation, established by seven University of Johannesburg (UJ) students, took the initiative to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other sanitary products for the homeless and poor people in some parts of Johannesburg during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the Joyce Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organisation, Miss Merlin Molokomme together with six other UJ students came to the rescue by providing face masks, sanitizers, female sanitary towels, and food parcels to the poor. Their Foundation was established to serve the vulnerable people in the city of Johannesburg.

“We realised that it is quite important to give back to the community, to assist in providing adequate essential supplies to those who cannot afford basic items such as food and hygiene products. Our aim is to help make better the lives of people who live in high levels of poverty within the area of the Johannesburg CBD,” says Molokomme.

The students collect clothing, stationery and other necessary items for school children and ask for monetary donations to buy shoes and sufficient food for the most vulnerable groups.

“As our slogan states, by helping just one person you would have helped to create a better future for our communities,” says Molokomme.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, some of the items that the students have been distributing to identified people living in the city included: basic school uniform and stationery in two selected primary and high schools; clothing of all respective genders and ages as well as food parcels to give to the homeless; and sanitary pads to female students at UJ.

Going forward, the students also wish to provide voluntary services at old age homes, child centres and places housing children with disabilities as well as maximum security prisons.

“These projects will run once every quarter of the year and should the foundation find sponsors, we will gladly extend our service schedules to twice every quarter,” says Molokomme.

The Foundation’s members are Miss M.P Molokomme (Chief Executive Officer), Miss T.D.E Mapoti (Chief Financial Officer), Mr M Lembethe (Marketing and Brand Manager), Mr C Mokgosi (Chief Operating Manager and Recruitment Mentor), Miss F.S Dosso (Health and Safety Executive), and Miss D Dinkoanyane (General Secretary and Spokesperson), as well as T Nhlangothi (Project Manager).


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