UJ: One of the top chartered accountancy education institutions in South Africa

The results of the notorious qualifying examinations for Chartered Accountants (CA), as set by the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), confirm the University of Johannesburg (UJ) as a national leader in teaching and producing candidate Chartered Accountants.​


A phenomenal 256 candidates from the University passed part1 of the CA qualifying examination. UJ’s candidates account for 12.9 % of the total successful candidates, making UJ’s contribution the second biggest of all accredited residential universities.
Professor Alex van der Watt, UJ’s Head of the Department of Accountancy, says that obtaining top results in the CA qualifying examinations has not only become a norm, but has also developed into a significant benchmark exercise for the University and the Department, which boasts an 86% first-time pass rate compared to a first-time national pass rate of 78 %t. “We are delighted with the results. The good results confirm Accountancy@UJ as a leader in accounting education; especially when the results are analysed in the context of transformation and growth.”
UJ is currently the biggest residential provider of African black chartered accountants in South Africa. A total of 390 African black first-time candidates passed the 2012 qualifying examination, of which UJ contributed 99 candidates. UJ has thus provided 25% of all the successful African black candidates.
“This is simply an outstanding achievement taking into account that candidates from 13 universities wrote the examination,” says Prof van der Watt.
Two UJ students clinched top 10 positions in the examination. Tamryn Tromp and Vidette du Toit were placed second and seventh respectively.
“I’m grateful to have not only passed the infamous QE1 exam, but to have been placed in the top ten is overwhelming! This achievement would not have been possible if it were not for the exceptional lecturing staff at UJ and all the support I received from the University throughout my studies. I am proud to be associated with an institution that continues to achieve such impressive results in the Qualifying Exam each year,” says Tromp.
Du Toit echoed Tromp’s sentiments adding that the examination is at a very high standard. “I’m grateful to be associated with UJ. The University attracts an exceptional standard of students and adheres to world class standards.”
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