UJ Mandarin, Kung Fu and Sport Psychology student awarded six-month China scholarship

First-year University of Johannesburg (UJ) BA Sport Psychology student Megan Cruickshank, who studies Mandarin at the Confucius Institute (UJCI) at UJ, has been awarded a six-month scholarship in China.

Megan has been practising Kung Fu for four years. She learnt a bit of the Mandarin language and culture through the martial art.

Megan said: “Before I formally started learning Mandarin, I had been to China to train in Kung Fu. I thought it would be really awesome to learn the language. So I registered this year to take part in Mandarin lessons.”

Megan participated in the South African 15th Chinese Bridge Competition in May this year. There she received an opportunity to attend the global 15th Chinese Bridge Summer Camp in China. She toured around the country with other students from all around the world. At the end of the Camp the students were offered scholarships to study Mandarin in China.

Megan can decide when she wants to go and she can choose from various Confucius institutes that offer a Mandarin course to foreign students. The Scholarship entails staying in China for six months at accommodation close to a university and attending classes to learn the Mandarin language and different cultural aspects of the country.

“My experience with UJCI has been amazing. I have learnt so much in just a few months – and it’s all because of the amazing teachers they have there. They make sure that you understand all the work while still experiencing the culture and having fun,” said Megan.

Megan plans to finish her Sport Psychology degree and continue with her studies in Mandarin at UJCI, before completing her six-month scholarship in China. She aims to make the South African Wushu team and participate at the World Kung Fu Championships in 2017.

“The UJCI has helped me, growing my love and passion for the Chinese culture, way of life and language. I would like to say thank you to all my teachers and the UJCI Co-Directors for giving me amazing opportunities such as being able to go to China,” said Megan.

Megan Cruickshank
Megan Cruickshank, BA Sport Psychology, Kung Fu and Mandarin student, was awarded with six-month scholarship in China to further study the language.
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