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UJ and CNBC Africa partnership for student bursaries and internships

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) journalism students who excel in their studies now have an opportunity to hone their skills at CNBC Africa, one of the world’s leading broadcast media companies. This is after the University and Africa Business News (ABN), the home to television network CNBC, agreed on a partnership to provide support to UJ students.

As a leading media company, ABN will provide UJ students with support by offering them study bursaries, placement in internship programmes and job opportunities at the ABN Group.  This will be a stepping stone for the University’s students towards their careers. The partnership will run for three years, from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2025. In terms of the agreement, the ABN Foundation will award at least two UJ students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds with bursaries for their tuition fees, based on a specific criteria such as competence. The media group will also provide internship opportunities to at least six students a year (three students every six months).

To qualify for the internship programme, students are required to have either completed their tertiary education or are in their final year in the field of journalism. ABN will host training sessions with students that will discuss editorial aspects and provide an outlook into the media landscape within the African continent in which ABN operates. Students will have the opportunity to visit the ABN head office in Sandton twice a year for an informative session.

Students will be given a certificate of participation by ABN for attending these master classes conducted by ABN management.

Prof Marwala with UJ alumni, Ms. Ameerah Moakadam who is currently serving an internship at CNBC.

Says Rakesh Wahi, Chairman of Capital Management Advisors (CMA) Investment Holdings and CNBC Africa founder: “We want to partner with highly ranked universities in Africa, of which the University of Johannesburg is. We have 26 million viewers on the continent and all our viewers are people who are aligned to the university’s strategy (on the fourth industrial revolution and a multidisciplinary approach to education), such as policy makers, for example.”

Mr Wahi was speaking before the signing ceremony, where he was joined by UJ Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Tshilidzi Marwala and Dr Nolitha Vukuza, the Senior Executive Director: University Relations, Student Affairs and UJ Sport. He added that he was exploring other opportunities for partnership between UJ and CMA in student and staff exchange programme, including in the area of research. This will see UJ students visiting CMA universities in Ghana and the United Arab Emirates.

“A lot of our students in Ghana, for instance, can benefit from the work that is being done at UJ, as articulated by Prof Marwala. We want to push students more into Africa, because there is a lot of advantage in that. It’s all about leadership for students to see how good leadership can bring sustainable development for the world,” said Mr Wahi.

“Travel is one of the greatest educational tools as it allowed people to learn. It opens up their eyes to other cultures, how other countries have developed and transferred to other markets. This is the value that students will benefit from. it’s priceless.”

Said Prof Marwala: “As the fastest growing University in South Africa and on the African continent, UJ is excited about this partnership with CNBC Africa, one of the world’s leading broadcasters. This partnership is yet another welcome initiative to assist our students with funding for their tuition fees as well as opportunities for apprenticeship through internship programmes.”

A UJ alumni, Ameerah Mookadam, who has been on an internship programme at CNBC Africa is already reaping the benefits of honing her skills at the media house. The 24-year-old has been there since February this year. “Right now, I am working at CNBC Africa as an intern. I love the experience of studio and television. All the guidance and things I learnt at UJ have put me ahead of the game. All I can say to UJ students is to keep focused, and your goals will be within reach,” she said.

Cnmb Signing
Signing ceremony of the UJ/CNBC partnership

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