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Update on UJ NSFAS Funding


24 JUNE 2022

Update on UJ NSFAS Funding

This communique serves as an update on NSFAS funding matters to the registered UJ students.

  1. NSFAS Funded list – New and Returning students.


The funding outcome for NSFAS students was officially released in February 2022. As of today, Friday, 24 June 2022, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has approved 25 842 UJ students to enable them to register for the current academic year. Of this number, 23 559 students have registered to date.

We are aware of the outstanding NSFAS funding outcomes for students who were not migrated to 2022 and those awaiting appeal outcomes. UJ has escalated the issues to NSFAS Head Office.


  1. NSFAS Appeals

NSFAS is working on finalizing the appeals for the academic year 2022. Of the 43 051 appeal applications received from all Universities, 15 815 were approved to date. NSFAS indicated the following challenges as reasons for delays in releasing the appeal outcomes;

  • Delayed submission of the propensity letters
  • Missing supporting documents
  • Incomplete or fraudulent propensity letters
  • NSFAS system glitches to update the funding status

UJ is working with students and faculties to finalize the outstanding documents for appeals. The appeal outcome will be communicated directly to the students via the UJ website.


  1. NSFAS allowances

All students whose funding was confirmed by NSFAS are receiving allowances. It is important to note that students must sign the necessary consent forms on uLink and submit the relevant documents required to load accommodation allowance. To date, 23 114 students have completed the process and are receiving allowances accordingly.

For any query on NSFAS and other student financial matters, please do not hesitate to contact Student Finance at .

Issued by UJ Financial Administration

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