UJ alumnus, Molefi Nyofane, lauded for exposing rural youth to higher education opportunities

​​​Mr Molefi Nyofane, University of Johannesburg (UJ) alumnus and employee, epitomises what #UJBeTheSolution stands for. As the founder of Macro Informative Youth Agency (MIYA), an organisation bridging the gap between rural communities and institutions of higher learning, Mr Nyofane has broadened the horizons of countless African youth.

Mr Nyofane’s involvement in assisting learners to make the right choices that will lead to both personal fulfilment and academic success led to him being named as one of the Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2016.

“We are informed to inform,” says Mr Nyofane. “The project was a result of the lack of information faced by some youth that ultimately hinders them to qualify for university. I feel humbled at receiving the award. This award gives me the strength and inspiration to continue my journey with MIYA.”

He points out that academic and career counselling are a scarce skill, specifically in rural areas such as QwaQwa, where he hails from. “Through MIYA, we provide accessible information that will ensure that the learners are well-informed,” says Mr Nyofane.

Mr Nyofane, together with a handful of volunteers, are taking on the challenge of unemployment with only five second-hand computers. “Education is about going developing a skill that makes society better,” says Mr Nyofane who describes success as looking for a need, and reaching out to meet it.

In 2012, a graduate from the Department of Information and Knowledge Management, Mr Nyofane was the recipient of UJ’s Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Award for Service Beyond the Call of Duty. He dedicated this award to his fellow volunteers at MIYA.

Under his leadership, MIYA has reached over 5000 young South Africans. Over the past eight years, the organisation has placed over 70 learners, annually, into higher education institutions of which 20% are now graduates.

UJ takes in the largest numbers of MIYA learners, yearly. “Often these students choose to first apply at UJ because of the University’s free and easy online application process,” adds Mr Nyofane.

Mr Nyofane currently works as a Faculty Librarian for the Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences (FEFS) at UJ.

If you wish to support this worthy course, please contact Molefi at 011 559 2641 or molefin@uj.ac.za

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