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Industry player continues management internship programme with UJ

Bramhope Group, a specialist supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) and related safety products, has confirmed it will continue with the internship programme in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg (UJ). The company recently completed the final round of interviews for the next intake. This will be the third intake of interns from UJ’s Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management, housed at the Faculty of Management.

A number of internships are offered providing valuable practical experience in logistics, procurement, supply chain management, foreign import/export policies/ procedures and stock/ warehouse management. These intern positions are filled by creative, motivated, willing and energetic UJ final-year undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Bramhope student development and internship programme is specifically designed to enrich graduate studies in supply chain management and related fields, and provide students with opportunities to better connect their academic learning to real-world experience.

“We strongly believe that students should only participate in internships which directly advance their career goals,” says Isak Marais, Bramhope chief executive officer. “For this reason, we have decided to get involved during the early stages of the students’ career by working with the University in developing specific, practical and relevant course material to be included in the curriculum. These practical assessment sessions will be based on actual work-related scenarios and will teach students how to deal with real challenges, which will give them confidence in their own abilities.”

Hugo van den Berg, lecturer at the University, said that although higher education in itself, dramatically reduces the rate of unemployment and under-employment, a degree does not automatically provide a job. It is difficult for students, often with little to no experience, to enter the job market. “We are therefore eager to work with private sector companies such as Bramhope, who are willing to take effective measures to help students and new graduates to gain experience and even, full-time employment,” he said.

“The whole point of the internship programme is to provide students with experiences that are not like what students get in the classroom, but to provide opportunities to confirm what is found in textbooks, and in so doing, help meet the University’s learning goals.”

Bramhope offers successful interns the option of full-time employment as well as an option to become a partner and run their own business independently from Bramhope, but with support and guidance from the company.

“This is truly a first in our industry,” says Marais. “We live by our mission of ‘Leadership through Innovation’ and trust that through our initiatives, the University, its students as well as the industry as a whole will benefit. We also urge more companies in our sector to start contributing toward the uplifting of our youth who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

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