How To: Connect to Wi-Fi on Campus

​​How to connect to Student-Access using an iPad​

  1. On you home screen, click on the settings icon as indicated below.
  2. Next, click on Wi-Fi under settings and then make sure your Wi-Fi is set to “ON”
  3. Under Wi-Fi, you will notice the Student-Access network if it is in range of your device. Click on it to connect that network and then Click on the little blue arrow next to Student-Access as indicated below.
  4. Your final step in the setup is to do your proxy settings. At the bottom of the screen you will notice a heading “HTTP Proxy” Click on Manual and insert the proxy settings Server: , Port : 3128. Make sure the Authentication button is set to “ON” and insert your internet username and password as used in the labs for internet.


You are now connected to the internet!!



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