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UJTV is a leader in university broadcast communications, providing educational and intellectually stimulating content to the university community and the broader public. The station showcases the excellence of UJ’s academic programs and research as well as community work, arts, and sports.

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Meet Our Team

Bongani Mncube

In Conversation Presenter

Bongani, a UJTV presenter and BA Communication and Media Studies graduate, excels in film and television, now pursuing a Masters in Audiovisual Communication Studies with aspirations for a PhD.
Sally Sithole

The Campus Life Presenter

Sally Sithole, a postgraduate student, dazzles as a TV and radio presenter and model. Her philanthropic efforts and mentorship leave a lasting mark, embodying versatility and compassion.

Collen Maepa

UJ Sport on UJTV Presenter

Collen Maepa, a UJ alumnus and journalism graduate, now heads Communications at UJ Sport. With a media bug since 2000, he’s passionate about current affairs, nature, travel, music, and sports.

Lelo, David, and Codey

UJ Sports Wrap on UJTV Presenters

With infectious energy and expertise, they deliver the pulse of UJ sports, dissecting the latest results and gearing you up for the week ahead with insightful analysis and predictions.