UJ introduces Alumni Connect platform for graduates

The technological advances that 4IR brings about are changing more than just the production processes of companies and their business models – it is changing the world of work and how people interact and live.

Continuing with its strategic objective to shape a graduate who is fully equipped to join the world of work as a global citizen, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) recently introduced a high-tech platform to drive engagement among its alumni. This innovation enables graduates to leverage on the power of mentoring services that the University provides.

Says the Registrar, Prof Kinta Burger “There are multiple barriers keeping many of the country’s young people locked out of the labour market and opportunities. Mentoring is a vital aspect of career and workforce development. The UJ Alumni Connect System, an online platform, matches our graduates to a willing mentor who, through support, counsel, guidance, reinforcement and constructive engagement can help our graduates to succeed in their career and meet their goals.”

In addition to mentoring, the UJ Alumni Connect platform also allows UJ graduates to re-connect with classmates (locally and abroad), to receive news and event updates as well as ongoing educational opportunities and employment offerings. The platform is not only fully integrated with social and professional networks, but also permits UJ graduates to expand their network, with the aim of cultivating a culture of giving back to their alma mater in the form of mentoring assistance.

Prof Burger concludes: “UJ is committed to applying new technologies that promotes accessibility and interaction, as a further step in preparing our graduates to be future leaders. We are pleased to offer this service to our alumni and at the same time open the door for relationship building.”

The Alumni Connect system follows the launch of UJ’s Digital Certification and Online Qualification Verification system that was introduced out of a need to increase security features relating to the certification process, to curb counterfeiting of certificates and enable to allow for third parties to verify their qualification online, at no cost.


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