Fighting poverty: UJ student to participate in student conference in Indonesia

​With efforts to realise the Millennium Development Goals, approximately 120 student leaders from around the world will convene at the University of Indonesia in Depok to discuss ways to combat poverty in developing countries.

Emmanuel Fuma, a University of Johannesburg (UJ) student studying Marketing Management, will be the only South African participant to take part in the 3rd Asia Pacific Student Forum (APSF). From 17 to 20 September, he will share the South African story and his ideas with other participants.

The Forum is described as an “Action Based Forum” where students discuss real poverty issues and attempt to come up with solutions that answer challenges faced by various nations.

To participate in the Forum, students have to be leaders and have ideas that are community-based and humanitarian.

Fuma answers some of the questions he anticipates to debate at the Forum, below:

What are you expected to do in the Forum?

I will be sharing my ideas with other delegates and presenting my abstract which is centered on how we can eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship. These are socially and educationally based initiatives and are relevant to South Africa and other developing countries.

Why were you selected to participate in the Forum?

I was selected because of the abstract I wrote in my application to participate at the event. The abstract was centered on poverty and some of the ways we can eradicate it.

What does a student need to study to participate in this forum?

A student can study any course, but needs to be a student leader or researcher to be able to participate in the Forum. The participants are young people geared to offer a positive influence in their countries of origin.

What do you expect to achieve there?

I wish to interact, interrogate and deepen my understanding on issues of mutual interest pertaining to the development and the transformation of developing countries. I would like to meet, share ideas and be enlightened by like-minded young leaders who are actively changing people’s lives. I wish to absorb all that I can learn and bring it home to further my efforts of bringing the change I want to see.

What are some of the things/topics that you will be discussing there?

At the Forum, delegates will be discussing poverty in developing countries, some of the ways we can eradicate it, and the spirit and manner in which we as the youth can contribute to solving world problems for a better future.

Are you currently actively working with any community?

I’m the Campus Coordinator at Enactus – UJ, a global organisation of students. Enactus is mandated to actively engage in community outreach projects to help communities become self-sustainable through entrepreneurship. We offer Business Management and Agriculture training to small farmers on how to start legitimate small businesses. Our work is based on three topical issues; Environmental Sustainability, Economic Empowerment and Social Improvement.​​

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