A new era of verifying UJ qualifications online

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has been at the cutting edge of digital transformation in South African Higher Education and, in many instances, has been driving innovative digital advancements. UJ is once again among the first to implement an innovative system with the introduction of digital badges for this year’s graduates of curricular programmes.

Each graduate can now “import” or link their digital badges to their personal LinkedIn accounts for third parties or potential employers to view and verify the qualification issued; this is done by simply clicking on the badge.

The advantage of the digital badge lies in the direct linkage to the qualifications obtained by the UJ graduate. This connection not only validates the legitimacy of the badge but also ushers in a new era of qualification verifications for graduates marketing their newly acquired skills or expertise online. Stakeholders, be they potential employers, academic institutions, or other entities, can easily and instantly validate the authenticity of the qualification, at no cost.

For graduates, the digital badge not only translates into a handy, readily accessible representation of their academic achievements but also empowers them to confidently present their qualifications in an increasingly digital landscape. Furthermore, the badge’s compatibility with the professional networking platform, LinkedIn, amplifies its impact by enabling graduates to showcase their expertise to a global audience effortlessly.

Employers, too, are set to reap considerable rewards from UJ’s digital badges. By clicking on the digital badge shared by graduates on LinkedIn, the qualification verification process is accelerated, saving employers time and money, and expediting the recruitment process.

By launching this cutting-edge digital badge system, the University of Johannesburg is leading digital transformation among South African Higher Education institutions by empowering its graduates to securely market their credentials online.

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