Webometrics announces UJ hosts top highly cited researcher in SA

​Professor Vinod Gupta, from the Department of Applied Chemistry at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has been named as the top highly cited researcher in South Africa by the global Webometrics Rankings Web of Researchers. The other UJ researchers in the top 100 are, in order, Prof Soebur Razzaque, Prof Jan Kramers, Prof Nic Beukes, Prof Christian Rogerson and Prof Simon Connell. Over a 100 UJ researchers are named in the rankings.

The three top highly cited researchers in each of the faculties included in the Webometrics Rankings are:

Faculty of Science

  • Prof Gupta is the South African Research Chair in Nanotechnology for Water and a Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at the University of Johannesburg. He publishes on Nanotechnology for water, Waste water treatment, Environmental chemistry and Chemical sensors. He joined the University as a Distinguished Visiting Professor under the Global Excellence and Stature initiative. Recently he was admitted to the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) as a Fellow.
  • Prof Soebur Razzaque recently published theoretical modelling of the expected behaviour of gamma rays when neutron stars collide, as part of the global Fermi-LAT collaboration. He leads the UJ Astroparticle Physics Group.
  • Prof Jan Kramers published on the geological structure of the extraterrestrial ‘Hypatia’ stone recently, which appears to be older than the solar system itself. He co-leads the Paleoproterozoic Mineralization (PPM) Research Group in the UJ Department of Geology.

College of Business and Economics

  • Prof Christian Rogerson from the CBE School of Tourism and Hospitality engages with the themes of Local and regional economic development, Small enterprise development and the nexus between Tourism and socio-economic development.
  • Prof Gert Roodt from the Department of Industrial Psychology within the CBE’s Johannesburg Business School publishes on Organisational Behaviour, Psychology assessments, Research methodology and Organisational development.
  • Prof Wilfred Ukpere, also from the Department of Industrial Psychology, publishes on Globalisation, Organisational behavior, Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Business.

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Health Sciences


The ranking is based on Google Scholar data from 2017, and lists 2234 researchers with an h-index greater than 10.

The detailed Webometrics methodology is available here.

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