UJ’s Thabo Masuku in Top 10 of finest varsity students in South Africa

​The Department of Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has congratulated third-year student, Thabo Masuku, after he was announced as one of the top ten best university students in South Africa. These are the top students who possess great leadership qualities and show readiness for the workplace through the Absa GradStar programme.

absa gradstar awards

Annually, Absa GradStar receives over 8000 entries which are then narrowed down to the top 100, ‘then the 10 of the Finest’. Many of the Top 100 recognised students have received job offers from major employers as a result of being acknowledged through this programme.

“I still cannot believe that I made the “10 of the Finest” list. Quite frankly, I am completely humbled by the award and feel honoured. The programme has cultivated a space for motivation in me, which now has confirmed my journey to becoming an extraordinary future business leader who will have a truly global influence.” says Masuku.

He added, “My secret weapon in the competition was to remain being true to myself. I believe in what I say and what I do and that drives my performance and excellence, which the programme has recognised. In 2019, I made the Top 500 but I did not get the chance to make the Top 100 list, and when that happened I had a lot of questions on why I never made the list. I then decided to request feedback from the judges because it was important for me to know where I have come short in my previous in order to prepare well for this year. I am all about learning, unlearning and relearning. I was interested in how I can improve and the feedback I received was helpful.”

All university careers centres across the country are contacted to market the GradStar programme to their students, ensuring representation all over South Africa in all study disciplines. The students go through a rigorous four-phased judging process, culminating in a day of workshops hosted by potential employers who are also sponsors of the programme.

The hundred top students are connected with a successful business mentor, recognised through the Rising Star Programme, to prepare them for the workplace. The mentorship café takes place at the Rising Star Summit the following day (www.risingstarsummit.co.za), a leadership conference which all the Top 100 attend free of charge.

The purpose of the awards night is to bring the major stakeholders from the graduate recruitment industry, senior leaders of institutions, career practitioners and human resource professionals from South Africa’s largest companies with the next generation of future leaders, who are about to commence their final year of study and are looking to make their first career move.

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