UJ’s research centre opens nominations for Africa Evidence Leadership Award

The Africa Evidence Network (AEN) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has opened nominations for the second annual Africa Evidence Leadership Award, to honour African champions in evidence-informed decision-making. Launched in 2018, the award aims to celebrate people whose careers are exceptional examples of impactful, insightful, and innovative evidence-informed decision-making in Africa.

In 2018, the award was won by Velia Manyonga from the parliament of Malawi, with runners up from Cameroon and Kenya. This year’s winner will present a keynote address on their work at Evidence 2020, the biennial conference of the AEN, taking place in Kampala, Uganda.

“Using evidence for decisions is alive in Africa and we want to showcase the champions who support evidence-informed decision-making every day,” says Prof Ruth Stewart, Chairperson of the AEN.

Speaking of the importance of the award, AEN senior manager Siziwe Ngcwabe says the Africa Evidence Leadership Award represents what the Network stands for: “The AEN is about a community of people with a common commitment to supporting evidence-informed decision-making in Africa, for Africa. The award represents this community because the best chance we have of achieving something is together”.

The winner will attend another international event or course to further raise their profile and the profile of Africa in this field. The award is administered through the AEN secretariat – the Africa Centre for Evidence – as a travel grant.

Nominations for the award are now open until 15 April. To visit the assessment criteria and to nominate someone click here.


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