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UJ welcomes new 2017 students and emphasises online registration procedures

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) congratulates all matriculants who have been successful in completing their final school examinations and we look forward to welcoming all who have been accepted for a programme of study at the University.

Matric (Grade 12) results still represent an important gateway to our collective and individual futures. An acceptance for further studies, whether at a university such as UJ or a technical and vocational education and training college, represents a significant milestone on the road to social mobility and is the lever to prosperous individuals, families, communities and nation.

“For UJ, every new student is a welcome addition to our ever growing community of South Africans who are uplifted, inspired and empowered by a programme of academic study and a concrete qualification,” said UJ’s Registrar, Prof Kinta Burger. “We look forward to our 2017 intake as the latest of a group of inquiring young minds, eager to learn and to empower themselves, their communities and their nation with meaningful and transformative knowledge, insight and capabilities.”

The University reminds all who have applied to and are interested in studying at UJ that the application, admission and registration process is handled entirely online. This includes late application enquiries. UJ does not, under any circumstances, accept on-campus late application enquiries (walk-ins).

All applicants who have been accepted for a programme of study at UJ will receive official confirmation of their final admission status via email by 8 January 2017. If applicants have not received an email by 8 January 2017, they should visit the UJ website ( to verify their final application status, or call the UJ Call Centre (011 559 4555) for more information. The procedures to be followed once accepted for a programme of study at UJ are clearly set out on the website. This includes registering and paying the required first minimum payment. The University does not under any circumstances accept cash payments. Payments must be made either on-line or via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

All new UJ students accepted for a programme of study and who have registered and have paid the first minimum payment online, may collect their student cards which will provide access to campus, libraries and other facilities. Details of card collection points and dates are available on the website and students will also be advised via social media. All students must be aware that once they have registered at UJ, they will be required to adhere to and comply with the University’s Student Regulations and Student Charter, details of which are provided online.

Enquiries related to late applications for programmes which may have additional capacity for enrolment, can be submitted online via the Late Enquiry Link (MobiSite) on the UJ website from 9 January 2017.

Any potential student with a question that cannot be resolved through the information provided online is welcome to contact the UJ call centre (011 559 4555) or the online chat facility (via the UJ website

“The University remains committed to its vital mission to empower our people, their families, and the nation via the development and transfer of knowledge, insights and capabilities”, said Prof Burger.

The 2017 intake comprises approximately 10 500 first-year students, making UJ home to approximately 50 000 students this year.

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