UJ urges Grade 9 learners to ‘Be CLEAR’ about their future

Many parents would like to see their children enrolling for a qualification in a university, but it’s not just a matter of knowing how to get them in. A prior, and perhaps more important, line of enquiry is finding out what kind of qualifications universities offer and whether there’s a match between these and your child’s interests, scholastic achievements and aptitudes.

Academic and career counselling are critical and are offered in many schools, but sadly not in all. As part of its “Be CLEAR” campaign, a drive aimed to assist learners to make choices that will lead to both personal fulfilment and academic success, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) will be hosting Grade 9 subject choice seminars from 26 – 27 July. Due to the popularity of this initiative there is currently only space available on the morning of Tuesday, 26 July 2016.

The seminar offers a series of psychological and practical educational workshops that provides accessible information to ensure well-informed learners. This Grade 9 Subject Choice initiative forms part of #UJBeTheSolution, a project that exemplifies how UJ seeks to find solutions to the multitude of challenges our society currently faces.

“Becoming well-informed about programme options should start as early as Grade 9 in a learner’s school career, because the choice of school subjects that is made in Grade 10 is critical to ensuring that a learner has the right combination of subjects to meet the entry requirements of the programme for which he or she aspires to enrol. For example, many programmes in science, engineering and accounting fields require Mathematics, and Maths Literacy is not acceptable. In other programmes, Maths Literacy is acceptable, but the level of achievement required is often higher than for Maths,” says Ms Dale Kitchin, Manager Marketing Projects.

Ms Kitchin pointed out that many Grade 9 learners do not realise how important their Grade 9 marks are and are also not aware of the University’s entrance requirements. It is for this reason that the University embarked on the ‘Be CLEAR’ campaign. “CLEAR” is an acronym for: Choose your subjects wisely in grade 9; Learn well in grade 10; Earn the good marks you need in grade 11; Apply early with those marks in grade 12; and Register for your first year at UJ if you are accepted.

Booking is essential and in order to do so visit future.uj.mobi.

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