UJ recognises Professor Ibrahim Gambari for exceptional contributions to Africa’s advancement

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has welcomed the esteemed Nigerian scholar-diplomat, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, after he accepted an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities conferred on him by the institution on Tuesday, 25 April 2023.

Professor Gambari was recognised for his outstanding contributions as a scholar, diplomat, and thinker who is constantly working to advance the agenda of Africa on the global stage. He has been a vocal advocate for the poor and downtrodden, and his exceptional career trajectory is characterised by a commitment to excellence and a strong sense of purpose.

Professor Gambari’s impressive resume includes being the first United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Africa. As a scholar of Political Science and International Relations, he has taught and conducted excellent research, placing emphasis on Africa as a base for his intellectual work.

Furthermore, Professor Gambari has played a crucial role in the struggle against Apartheid, lending a hand through the UN as an ally of oppressed people. He led the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid and worked tirelessly through the UN, in collaboration with the anti-apartheid movement, to end apartheid. As a diplomat, policymaker, and facilitator of peace processes, he has received worldwide acclaim, including South Africa’s highest national honour conferred on non-citizens, the Order of the Companions of O. R. Tambo.

In recognition of Professor Gambari’s past achievements and in anticipation of future collaborations, UJ conferred upon him an Honorary Doctorate, recognising him as an exceptional ambassador for Africa. UJ’s nomination of Professor Gambari for this honour was based on his steadfast adherence to the principles that UJ subscribes to, “inspiring its community to transform and serve humanity through innovation and the collaborative pursuit of knowledge,” and the UJ values of imagination, conversation, regeneration, and ethical foundation.

As Professor Gambari joins the University of Johannesburg community, his wealth of experience, knowledge, and dedication to promoting Africa’s interests on the global stage will undoubtedly benefit the institution, its students, and the African continent as a whole.


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