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UJ lecturer appointed to policy and research steering committee for the national Department of Small Business Development

The Office of the Acting Deputy Director-General of the national Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) has appointed Mr John Muofhe to serve on the policy and research steering committee.

This follows DSBD’s recent establishment of the Policy and Research Division in support of the developing and growing sustainable small businesses and co-operatives that have the potential to contribute to creating employment and growing the economy.

The steering committee will consist of a three separate but related work streams, namely: red tape reduction; surveys and studies; and enterprise development strategies.

UJ’s Mr Muofhe will serve on Work Stream 3 (Enterprise Development Strategies).

Says Mr Muofhe: “It is an honor to serve on this committee. This does not only show the dedication that UJ academics have in their efforts to deliver excellent teaching and learning knowledge to our students, but also the valuable insights that impact on the national government agenda and the society. I hope to make a positive contribution to the growth of SMMEs, thus making a significant change to the economy through this steering committee of the Policy and Research Division.”

The steering committee is seen as a vehicle that will foster thoughtful exchange of ideas to ultimately realise the vision of creating an atmosphere that nurtures and facilitates policy and research excellence. The committee will do this by tapping into the rich expertise and specialist knowledge of the selected steering committee members.

DSBD’s Policy and Research Division aims to work towards developing a comprehensive research agenda and knowledge management systems that enable the DSBD to provide leadership to grow small businesses and co-operatives.

Mr Muofhe is a Lecturer in the Department of Business Management in the Faculty of Management.

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