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UJ hosts 4IR lecture by Prof Kerry Kennedy, a Distinguished Visiting

The Faculty of Education hosted a public lecture presented by Prof Kerry Kennedy, a Distinguished Visiting Professor on 19 February 2019 at the Kingsway, Auckland Park campus.

The title of the lecture was, Another Industrial Revolution? What does it mean for Civic Skills, Values and the School Curriculum?

According to Prof Kerry Kennedy, discussions about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) take place largely in terms of its economic impact, the changing nature of work and the need for structural adjustments to accommodate these changes. Yet the impact of technology integration has the potential to impact not just on business but all aspects of life and living. Artificial Intelligence, robots, ‘big data’ and social media are the new realities that continue to shape daily life. The social impact of 4IR needs more attention, especially from educators.

The lecture focussed predominantly on addressing two core issues, namely:

1. What kind of citizens are needed for this new world shaped by technology and

2. What does this technology-human interface mean for schooling and the school curriculum?

The lecture aimed to contribute to the global conversation about 4IR with a particular focus on its social impacts and local action that can be taken in response to its predicted effects.


Watch the full event here:

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