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UJ: Deputy Public Protector on untold stories and real life-changing work that goes unrecognised

​​​The Deputy Public Protector of South Africa, Advocate Kevin Malunga, will reflect on the untold story of the work of the Office of the Public Protector when he delivers a public lecture at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Tuesday, 29 September 2015.

According to Advocate Malunga the media trends to focus on the more sensational matters with the result that the real life-changing work goes unrecognised.

Hosted by the University’s Faculty of Law, in partnership with the University’s Library and Information Centre , Advocate Malunga will highlight some of the great successes and challenges experienced by the Office of the Public Protector, especially with regard to complaints against municipalities and other organs of State and their often tardy responses; the misplaced narrative that expects the Office of the Public Protector to be the enemy of the State; identifying various governance risks such as service delivery protest; and the threat posed by improper procurement and services by the State and how it compromises the economic fibre of the country.

Mr Elton Hart, an attorney at the University’s Law Clinic will be the facilitator of the discussion to be held at the Library Auditorium (6th Floor) Auckland Park, Kingsway Campus. The lecture is scheduled to start at 17:00.​

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