UJ concludes with 2016 year-end examinations, prepares for 2017

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has reached another exceptional milestone with the conclusion of all year-end examinations and the 2016 academic year on Tuesday, 6 December 2016. The successful completion of the academic year is reflective of the University’s commitment to academic excellence. Almost 12,500 students will graduate as scheduled and will continue to make meaningful contributions to their professions and vocations, and to society and the economy.

Following an agreement reached with the UJ SRC, the Council of the University has approved its operating budget which will enable at least 75% of the UJ student body to experience no tuition and residence fee increases in 2017. This group includes all NSFAS qualifying students enrolled at UJ and all students whose family income is less than R600 000 per annum. For the remaining 25% of the UJ student body whose family income is in excess of R600 000 per annum, the Council approved an 8% tuition and residence fee increase. The University will in due course announce the verification process to assess family income threshold levels.

The agreement concluded with the UJ SRC also includes the following allocations that are, as in the past, aimed at enabling our financially most vulnerable students to receive significant financial aid and other essential support.

  1. R20M to the SRC Trust Fund which will be used to assist around 5000 “missing middle” students with their first minimum payment enabling them to register for 2017.
  2. R25M to top up the NSFAS funding which will fully fund the university studies of an additional 450 students in 2017.
  3. R13.2M for the UJ subsidised meal assistance programme which will ensure that 3850 students receive two balanced meals a day.
  4. R10M to acquire e-tablet devices for first-year NSFAS funded students, which at UJ is an essential tool for teaching and learning.
  5. R16M for the free inter-campus transport system that relieves our students from the financial burden of transport from various city locations to the University.
  6. Full tuition fee rebate for all Master’s and Doctoral students who successfully complete their qualifications within the prescribed minimum time period.

UJ’s ‘Missing Middle’ fundraising campaign is one of the largest initiatives undertaken by a South African university and has successfully raised in excess of R100M to support 2,567 of our students to pay for their 2016 tuition and residence fees, and in 2017, the University will continue with this highly successful ‘Missing Middle’ fundraising campaign. The University recognises that additional resources are required to provide access to students who are academically deserving and whose families might otherwise struggle to support the successful completion of their studies.

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