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UJ CENLED develops a new career path for economic developers

​​​​​The success of a community depends upon its ability to adapt to the dynamic local, national and international market economy. Strategically planned sustainable Local Economic Development (SLED) is increasingly used by communities to strengthen the local economic capacity of an area, improve the investment climate, and increase the productivity and competitiveness of local businesses, entrepreneurs and workers.​​​

The ability of communities to improve their quality of life, create new economic opportunities and fight poverty depends upon them being able to understand the processes of SLED, and act strategically in the changing and increasingly competitive market economy.​​​​​​​ ​




LED is an innovative bottom up approach to generating economic growth that is equitable and sustainable through unleashing the economic potentials of every territory. LED is based on the concept that every territory has comparative advantages whose potentials can be enhanced if actions are taken to tackle the bottlenecks currently inhibiting their success.​

The Department of Higher Education has approved the new qualification and it is anticipated to start in 2015.

The purpose of the Master’s of Commerce in Local Economic Development is to develop an advanced level of knowledge, skills and applied competence in the field of Local Economic Development for students who plan to qualify as Certified LED professionals so that they will meet the requirements as determined by the LED profession. This professional Master’s degree will prepare students to reflect on the practice of LED professionals. Through the research component students will contribute towards the development of knowledge at an advanced level and prepare them for specialised professional employment.


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