UJ and City of Johannesburg educate a nation

The Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy (CSESE) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), in partnership with the City of Johannesburg, has trained 65 non-profit organisations in two accredited programmes; namely: (1) Asset-based Socio-economic Development (ABSED) Programme (2) Emerging Social Entrepreneurship Management (ESEM) programme ​

​​​​In addition to this, there was a Business Incubation Management Programme (BIMP) that was offered by the institution. These programmes are NQF 5 level qualifications, which include extensive incubation and mentoring to assist the NGOs in becoming more sustainable. The CSESE is proud to be reaching out to organisations within disadvantaged communities and making a difference where it really matters.


The graduation ceremony to honour and celebrate their achievements was held at UJ on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 from 14h00 to 16h00. This is what three of the top performing students shared some of their experiences and the efforts they’ve taken to train colleagues in their respective organisations.

Mr Jesper Nare, the top student in the Business Incubation Management Programme, is a 45-year-old from Zimbabwe who owns a small business called Cotim Business Consultant Service. “The programme is very important for any small business owner as it helps one plan, execute and sustain their business. My business doesn’t solely benefit me or the business itself, but the society at large,” he says.

Mrs Susan Rammekwa, who came in as the top student in both the ABSED and ESEM programmes, is a 47-year-old who took a selfless decision to take part in the managing of Tshepang Programme For Orphans and Vulnerable Children – an NGO that helps abandoned children, poorer families in the community, and the overall children the community.

​​​“We accommodate, feed and educate the children, keeping them away from the streets. The programme has assisted me and my colleagues to better manage the NGO, and I have already started implementing the skills acquired in the organisation. This course has been a blessing for us, and has enabled us to maximise the little we have in order to success and remain sustainable,” she says.


Mrs Ethel Mokwena, who came in second in the ESEM programme, is a 70-year old woman who, like others, believes that blessed is the hand that gives than that receives. A representative from the Hospice and Rehab Centre in Alexandra, Johannesburg, Mokwena is as selfless as they come.

“Our NGO aims to benefit as well as further develop the community. It is a programme that offers medical and emotional care for the terminally ill, and for the general community members who are in need of related services,” she says. She adds that she has shared all that she has learned with her colleagues at the organisation to ensure a holistic running of the Centre.

Follow this link to see how the respective programmes assisted these students and how it has benefitted them and their individual organisations.


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