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UJ acts decisively against student found guilty following the kidnap case

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has swiftly applied disciplinary action to deal with the student accused of kidnapping a fellow student from the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus on 1 August 2013.​


The SAPS arrested the student on 1 August and he was released on bail one week later. The criminal case is still continuing. The University immediately placed the student on suspension pending further investigations.​
A university disciplinary hearing, held on 11 September, found the accused student guilty of violating several of the University’s codes of conduct for students. Consequently, the student has been permanently expelled from the University. However, in the interest of justice and fairness, the student has the option to appeal the expulsion in the permissible timeframe.
The University has already effected several security enhancements of campus and it is working with community police forums, neighbourhood watches, the SAPS and metro police and local ward counsellors in order to secure the areas surrounding its campuses and student residences. There is a strong resolve within the university to decisively and swiftly to deal with anything that undermines the security of staff and students.
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