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UJ School-to-university transition programme evident in 2013 first-year achievement

​​The exceptional performance of a record number of 308 first-year students, having obtained an average of 75% or more in their June 2013 examinations, demonstrates the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) commitment to support its first-time entering students from school-to-university transition and complements the strategic direction of the institution.​


This year produced one of the highest number of first-year top achievers since the inception of UJ. The University’s First Year Experience Programme (FYE), an initiative offering academic skills reinforcement with an accent on students mentoring fellow students was key in this achievement. The 1 285 student tutors, selected from third-year level, and up, do well academically, are good communicators, are able to identify with students’ needs and act as an interface between students and teaching staff. UJ also introduced academic advisors in university residences and approved off-campus accommodation facilities. Under UJ’s Academic Excellence Programme, 250 student advisors are serving 2 000 first-years in 25 residences.
Three students obtained an average of 89% plus. Rezanne Neethling, who matriculated from Helpmekaar Privaat Skool, obtained an overall average of 93.4%, and is studying towards a Bachelors of Accounting degree. Melissa Annandale received a more than admirable second place with an average of 89.5%. Annandale is studying BSc Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and she matriculated from Hyde Park High School. Bianca Fisher, who matriculated from King David School (Linksfield) is studying BCom Human Resource Management and achieved an average of 89.4%. Bianca’s identical twin sister Talia Fisher is part of the top achieving group with a score of 87.80%. She is also studying BCom Human Resource Management.​

​​Six top achievers hail from UJ Metropolitan Academy in Crosby. UJ Metropolitan Academy is the University’s high school and is co-sponsored by Metropolitan. The Academy nurtures selected high school learners from disadvantaged communities who demonstrate potential for success in studies at higher education institutions.

The Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences produced 112 of these achievers, followed by the Faculty of Management with 43, and the Faculty of Education with 41.The Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty Engineering and the Built Environment boast with 36 and 34, top achievers, respectively. The Faculty of Law yielded 15, and the Faculty of Science, 13. The Faculty of Health Sciences produced 9 top achievers, followed by the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture with 3. Two of the top achieving students enrolled for combined degrees. ​
In celebration of their outstanding academic record, these top achieving students and guests, including representatives of the schools where these top achievers matriculated, accompanied by their headmasters and members of their leadership bodies, have been acknowledged and celebrated by the University’s Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof Ihron Rensburg, during a luncheon at the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus on Friday, 13 September 2013.
  • In 2012, the UJenuis Club, previously known as the UJ’s Top Achievers’ Club, brought together around 250 top achieving undergraduate students who obtained an average of 75% in the previous year, with no module below 70%. The UJenius Club is a Vice-Chancellor’s initiative to acknowledge outstanding performance by undergraduate students, and to offer them additional opportunities of intellectual and professional development. The Club has grown in stature and is increasingly acknowledged among UJ’s high-flying students
Ujtopachiever Rezanneneethling Withvc
Pictured with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Ihron
​Rensburg, is Accounting student Rezanne
​Neethling, who was the overall UJ top achiever ​
for 2013.​
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