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Top school learners increasingly applying for UJ first-year rewards programme

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has received more than 1400 applications from top school learners nationwide for its first-year rewards programme, a substantial increase from last year, said Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof Ihron Rensburg on Wednesday, 12 October 2016.

Of those who qualified for the UJ Orange Carpet merit programme with their Grade 11 results, half come from non-fee paying schools, he said.

Prof Rensburg met with the 2017 Orange Carpet qualifiers at a welcoming cocktail event at Resolution Circle Towers, the university’s technology development company.

Welcoming the learners, Prof Rensburg said: “We are really delighted to host you today. You are the brightest young minds in our nation. We will be honoured and privileged to work with you and create the conditions for you to reach your dreams.”

The Orange Carpet first-year rewards programme aims to attract top-achieving learners nationally to study at UJ.

Ms Leoné Michaels, Student Marketer said it was exciting to note a more diverse group of applicants this year. “The applicants are not mainly from one particular, race, gender or discipline. Rather there is a mix of learners from different backgrounds, schools, and disciplines.”

“The welcoming event serves as a networking platform for students, as they meet and interact with various key members of the Faculty,” she added.

UJ Orange Carpet smooths the way for recipient first-year students with a variety of benefits. Recipients receive early conditional admission to the University, for example. (Other benefits listed below).

To qualify for these benefits, a learner must obtain an Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 40 and above with a Level 6 or higher in all subjects in their final Grade 11 results. Final acceptance for Orange Carpet is dependent on the learner maintaining these results in their final Grade 12 results.

Parents, friends, principals, and University management were among the guests that attended the event.

UJ Orange Carpet recipients qualify for special benefits which include the following:

  • The paper-based application fee is waived.
  • An Orange Carpet candidate saves R1 040 by not having to pay registration fee and the ICT levy at registration in January.
  • A merit bursary according to the APS for the first year of study. The better the Grade 12 results are, the bigger the merit bursary is.
  • An APS of more than 42 on Grade 12 results results in an extra R5 485 bursary.
  • The first minimum tuition payment at registration is settled by the merit bursary which is allocated at the end of April/beginning of May, based on the AP score.
  • UJ gives Orange Carpet recipients a R2 000 voucher to purchase textbooks or to help purchase a tablet with one of UJ’s main suppliers.
  • Guaranteed accommodation in a UJ residence, if planning to live on campus, if the UJ residence application has been completed and the application fee has been paid.
  • Eligibility for a sport bursary for Orange Carpet recipients who have achieved at provincial or a higher level.
Prof Ihron Rensburg
Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof Ihron Rensburg addressing the Orange Carpet Candidates
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