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The Faculty of Management bids farewell to a mentor and industry mogul

DR BILLY GALLAGHER, one of South Africa’s industry moguls and leading experts on food and hospitality‚ sadly passed away this year. Gallagher served as President of the South African Chefs Association for 20 years and was bestowed life Honorary President of the SA Chefs Association. Gallagher also served as President of the World Association of Chefs Societies. He was a certified Master Chef from Westminster College in London‚ and held an honorary doctorate in Culinary Arts from the University of Johnson and Wales in Miami in the United States. He was instrumental in the first apprenticeship scheme for young chefs and was a founding member of the original Hospitality Industry Training Board.

After surviving an attempted hijacking in 2000‚ he was left a quadriplegic and moved into PR due to the loss of use his hands. Part of his role has been to build (Southern Sun’s) corporate social investment portfolio and to focus on BEE projects. He has also continued to be involved in various chef training and development programmes. His involvement in education within the industry was well known.

Gallagher spent five years as Chairman of the Board of the School of Tourism and Hospitality in the Faculty of Management at the University of Johannesburg. In recent years‚ Gallagher was a joint convener of the World Chefs Tour against Hunger charity programme. We only have fond memories of this legendary man and will keep on honouring his great

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