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The disgraceful spate of xenophobic attacks in Durban and the Johannesburg CBD has reference.


It has been brought to my attention that messages are circulating amongst students, and in particular international students, on social media and by way of text messaging, warning students of further impending xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg. The source and veracity of these messages cannot at this stage be confirmed, however, I advise that should you receive such a message, that you not pass it on.


The University wishes to assure students and staff that the matter of possible xenophobic attacks is being treated with the seriousness it requires. Furthermore, we take the security of our students and staff extremely seriously and we condemn this violence and violence of any other kind. Thus, every precaution is being taken in this regard.

We would like to encourage UJ staff and students who have any concerns and/or information to contact the Division for Internationalisation (0735235594 or 0115593129), Division for Student Affairs or Protection Services 24 Hour Control Room (0115592555 APK, 0115595555 SWC, 0115596085 DFC, and 0115591312 APB) or to contact us on mobile on 0829707254.

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