Prof Barrett Hazeltine of Brown University receives Honorary Doctorate from UJ

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has bestowed an honorary doctorate upon Professor Barrett Hazeltine, a distinguished faculty member from Ivy League institution Brown University in the United States. Prof. Hazeltine, a tenured professor in the College of Engineering and former Associate Dean, has now earned the title of Professor Emeritus.

Celebrating a lifetime of achievement

On Friday, May 19, 2023, UJ officially conferred the honorary doctorate to Prof. Hazeltine, recognising his exceptional contributions to the field of engineering. With a prolific career spanning over six decades, he has authored numerous papers on digital logic, technology transfer, and engineering education. Additionally, Prof. Hazeltine has published two textbooks focusing on electronic circuit design and small-scale technologies, contributing significantly to the academic community.

Prof. Hazeltine’s dedication to teaching has been widely recognised. He has received the prestigious student recognised teaching award at Brown University for an impressive 13 years, and the award has been named after him. His commitment to nurturing future engineers and entrepreneurs is evident in his specialization in Engineering Management, where he imparts knowledge on entrepreneurial skills and business decision-making.

Global impact and African education advancement

In addition to his contributions at Brown University, Prof. Hazeltine has played a vital role in advancing engineering education in Africa. He has taught at multiple universities in countries such as Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, assisting in the development of engineering degree programs. His teaching and consulting engagements have extended to countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand, showcasing UJ’s commitment to internationalisation and collaboration.

Prof. Hazeltine is a strong advocate for the decolonisation of engineering curricula in Africa, aligning himself with UJ’s values and imperatives. His efforts have contributed to fostering a more inclusive and diverse academic environment, reflecting the university’s commitment to equitable education.

Lifelong dedication and relevance in education

Despite officially retiring twice, Prof. Hazeltine remains actively engaged in teaching, research supervision, and academic projects. With an unwavering passion for learning, he continuously updates his knowledge in computing and technology, keeping his teaching and research at the forefront of relevance. His remarkable commitment serves as a testament to his dedication as both an educator and a lifelong learner, mirroring UJ’s philosophy of continuous growth and development.

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