Outstanding performances by UJ SSD para athletes in 2022 SASAPD and GSAPD championships

Fourteen University of Johannesburg (UJ) para athletes (students and club members) returned home to a heroes’ welcome after winning 10 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals in the 2022 South African Sports Association for Physically Disabled (SASAPD) and Gauteng Sport Association for Physically Disabled (GSAPD) championships in Ekurhuleni between 18 and 23 March 2022. The UJ student team was also part of the Gauteng Province team that won the Province Seniors 2022 Award for their exceptional performances.

The championships also featured para athletes from Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon competing for top spots. The UJ students, who represented the Sports for Students with Disabilities Club, included Kim MacDonald, Michelle Moganedi, Yane van der Merwe, Fane Swart, Maria Combrink, Christiaan Schultz, Joel Adesanya, Grant Fisher, Rob Jones, Jacque Joubert, Roedolph Britz, Pieter du Preez, Brandt Steenkamp, and Gift Shiburi.

The SASAPD national championships comprise athletes who are visually impaired, amputees, and have cerebral palsy and Les Autres. The event is organised to display the talent that para athletes in South Africa and the African continent offer.

“The UJ SSD club performed exceptionally well among the best rated athletes in the country and the continent. The final overall results for UJ SSD ended with 2 SA records, 10 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 10 bronze medals. These were great results for our athletes. We couldn’t be happier,” says Lezanne Bruwer, Manager: UJ SSD Club.

The UJ SSD club mentored and coordinated 138 UJ Sport students as volunteers to help and support para athletes and officials during the championships. There were eight volunteer groups for Athletics (45 people), Boccia (23), CP Soccer (9), Para-powerlifting (5), Gaol Ball (20), VI Judo (8), Para Cycling (8), and Nerve Centre and admin (20).

“The feedback we received form the national conveners and officials was remarkable. Our students also had the opportunity to acquire information about different para-sporting codes. From the dedication and quality of work done by the UJ students, the conveners and classifiers as that the UJ volunteers assist in future national events,” explains Bruwer.

Below are the results of the UJ SSD para athletes:


SURNAME Name Class. Event Place Distance/Time
MACDONALD Kim T64 100m 3 20.59s
200m 3 38.83s
Longjump 1 2.86m SA Rec
MOGANEDI Michelle F55 Shotput 2 5.32m
Javelin 3 12.21m
VAN DER MERWE Yane F44 Shotput 1 8.27
Discus 2 28.77
SWART Frane T46 100m 2 16.66s
200m 2 35.41s
Long jump 2 3.06m
COMBRINK Maria F64 Shotput DNF Injury
Discus DNF Injury
SCHULTZ Christiaan T44 100m 4 12.72s
Long jump 1 5.62m
ADESANYA Joel T54 100m 1 21.00s
200m 3 DQ
400m 3 1.15.23s
800m 2 2.42.85s
Powerlifting 2 75kg
FISHER Grant T54 100m 4 19.64s
200m 2 DQ
Shotput 3 5.32m
Javelin 5 15.41m
JONES Rob F44 Javelin 1 41.18m
Shotput 1 11.17m SA Rec
JOUBERT Jacque T12 100m 4 13.45s
VI Judo 1 81kg
VI Judo 1 81+kg
Long jump 2 4.95
BRITZ Roedolph F12 Discus 2 27.35m
Shotput 3 7.71m
DU PREEZ Pieter T51 100m 3 26.65s
800m 1 3.14.85s
1500m 1 6.05.21m
STEENKAMP Brandt F34 Shotput 5 5.35
Discus 6 12.69m
Javelin 3 14.86m
SHIBURI Gift F57 Shotput 4 5.14m
Discus 3 15.19m
Javelin 7 14.46m
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