Honours Research: Poster Challenge 2019


Honours Research: Poster Challenge 2019
In support of the CBE honours students’ research skills development, a poster design workshop was organised on 30 September 2019. This was followed by the annual CBE Honours Research: Poster Challenge on 31 October 2019.

Two schools and nine departments of the CBE entered their top three posters. A total of thirty posters were entered of which 22 were individual entries and seven group entries. A total of 49 finalists were acknowledged at this year’s event.

The outcome was as follows:

· The Best Poster was awarded to CA Stuart and CT Sivalingam from the Department of Marketing Management with the research title “Useful chatbots revolutionise customer satisfaction”.
· The first runner-up was a group including Keboutlwile Lebatha, Lerato Mosella, Neo Mosoeu, Garneth Selepe and Polokego Mokoena from Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management with the research title “The Dignity and positive emotional experiences”
· Three second runner-up awards were assigned to three individual entries with the exact same final mark. They were: Nadine Farquharson of the Department from Transport and Supply Chain Management with her research title “The effect of internet of things on the road freight industry”; Riyaadh Bham with the title “What does ‘resilience’ mean in information systems?”; and Ravish Ajoodha’s “Predicting student completion using machine learning algorithms for Bachelor of Science in Johannesburg”, both from the Department of Applied Information Systems.

The CBE family wants to thank our colleagues and students for their devotion and hard work. The overall standard of the posters were much higher than previous years. Well done, you make us proud. Congratulations to all the finalists and the final award victors.


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