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​Throughout the lockdown period, there were reports of students struggling to access sanitary towels and toiletries. It is also important to note that this challenge did not only begin when the lockdown started but this is a long-standing societal issue for girls across the continent. On an average day, more than 800 million women and girls have their period around the world, but many still face hardships when it comes to accessing menstrual sanitary products.

The lack of access to things like sanitary towels can cause increased shame, which in turn leads to girls missing classes and falling behind. This further exacerbates the stigmatization of periods, which are a natural occurrence for women and girls. Period poverty directly affects access to education and levels of poverty among women and girls.

Considering this, in July 2021 the Institutional Office for HIV/AIDS (IOHA) in partnership with UJ Student Affairs and the SRC embarked on a journey to bring change in the lives of UJ students. Thus, the UJ Cares Drive was born, and this drive encouraged people to donate sanitary towels and toiletries, as well as clothing for students who could not afford these commodities.

On Friday, 22 October we are excited to launch the UJ Cares Pads drive at the UJ Institutional Office for HIV/AIDS APK campus. We are increasing access to free sanitary products for all menstruating UJ students.

To date, we have received donations from 75 sponsors (UJ Staff and students). We are eternally grateful to our sponsors for their generosity.

However, we still need your help to make this project sustainable; we believe that if we come together we can change this reality for our female students at UJ.

Let us #protect her dignity

Your donation makes a difference, please use the link below to complete the Sanitary Products Drive form and make your donation today.

Please donate here

Uj Cares

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