Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management Celebrating 50 years of DEDICATION (1968-2018)

The University of Johannesburg Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management (TSCM), housed in the Johannesburg Business School, College of Business and Economics, celebrates 50 years of dedication and achievement.

The Department of TSCM was established in 1968 as the Department of Transport Economics at the UJ legacy university RAU and by 1997, has evolved into the Department of Transport and Logistics Management.

After the establishment of UJ, the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management emerged, purposefully positioned within the changed higher education landscape and in support of the transport and supply chain industry.

At its core, the Department of TSCM’s purpose-driven values and principles guide the provision of comprehensive and excellent education, training and research programmes to the domestic, continental and international transport and supply chain community.

Today, TSCM offers a rich portfolio of diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, continuing education programmes and specialized industry-targeted programmes.

TSCM Continuous Education Programmes, for example, attracts thousands of annual enrolments.

Of further significance is that all programmes were developed in close collaboration with South African, continental and global higher education institutions, industry partners and local government.

Moreover, these initiatives were strengthened and their stature grown through productive MoAs with local and international universities.

Other achievements over the past decade include the department having entered into an funding agreement to host four annual Transport Forum Special Interest Groups (SIG); having found the Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management and having established the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, Africa (ITLS Africa) in close association with its global counterpart, the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) Sydney which is positioned by the Shanghai rankings as first in Australia and 6th internationally for transportation science and technology.

In the much changed industry context brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, TSCM continuously introduces counter-disruptive innovation in world marked by increased competition, changing demographic trends and globalised markets and shifting customer profiles. In meeting education and training needs in a new era of complexity and on-going technologically advancement, TSCM has introduced two online Advanced Diplomas and one online Diploma in Logistics.

Says Prof Jackie Walters (HoD: TSCM), “In celebration of the momentous celebration of 50 years of dedication the Department of TSCM acknowledges and salutes all staff members, contributing experts, collaborative partners and industry, alumni and students for their contribution. Especially, for laying the foundation for exciting new chapters over the next 50 years.”

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Prof Jackie and the entire TSCM team for their long-term thinking and dedication, as much as their responsiveness and commitment to positioning UJ and the CBE as a leader in the field of transport and supply chain management.


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