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Echoes of UJ: Bongani Mncube’s Journey – Stories Beyond the Lecture Hall

Welcome to our special feature on the student success story campaign at the University of Johannesburg, where we highlight the incredible journeys of our students! This episode follows Bongani Mncube, an extraordinary Audio Visual Communication master’s student and UJTV station presenter. Bongani’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, passion, and the amazing opportunities provided by the University of Johannesburg.

📚 About Bongani Mncube: Balancing both work and study, Bongani has mastered the art of multitasking. As a presenter, producer, editor, and cameraman for UJTV, he embodies the spirit of dedication and commitment. Bongani feels privileged to gain practical experience in film and television while pursuing his academic dreams. His goal? To one day make a mark in South Africa’s film and TV industry.

🎥 In This Video: – Bongani shares his daily routine, showcasing how he juggles his responsibilities as a student and a UJTV team member. – Hear from Hersh, the UJTV station manager, who speaks highly of Bongani’s work ethic and dedication. – Bongani’s inspiring message to fellow students about seizing every opportunity and making the most out of their time at UJ.

At UJ, we are not just students; we are stories waiting to be told.

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