Young contender for DA leader ‘an asset’

​​Voting for DA national spokeswoman Lindiwe Mazibuko to lead the party’s parliamentary caucus would be a wise move, says political analyst and deputy vice-chancellor Professor Adam Habib.
Published in : Cape Argus, 2011-09-28​


Responding to Mazibuko’s decision to nominate herself for the position yesterday, Habib said Mazibuko was “absolutely crucial” to the future of the DA.
He said it would be wise for the 77-strong DA caucus to vote in her favour on October 27.
“She is an asset to the party and people know that. Her nomination against… Athol Trollip signals the start of the fight for the soul of the DA.”
Habib said the lead-up to the vote would be interesting.
“There’s a definite battle here between the old guard and the new generation. Lindiwe Mazibuko is part of the new generation and has a lot of support within the party and appeals to younger voters.”
Mazibuko told a press conference in Cape Town yesterday that she and Wilmot James were “the perfect candidates to take the party forward”.
She had phoned Trollip on Sunday to tell him that she would be nominating herself.
“Athol and I are colleagues. He was very cordial, as I was with him, and we wished each other well.”
Mazibuko said she e-mailed the DA caucus to inform them she would be standing for the post, and set out a framework on how she would take the caucus and the party forward to the 2014 general elections.
Asked about her age and lack of parliamentary experience, Mazibuko, 31, said: “I believe my age is an asset… most voters are under 30.”​
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