VC’s underprivileged fund creates a UJ BAcc graduate

​​​​“From humble beginnings come great things”, Keneuwe Sefako is the personification of this quote. Hers is a story of collaborative efforts by the University of Johannesburg (UJ) to produce a successful BAcc (Bachelor of Accountancy) graduate.

For many secondary scholars looking to make the transition from high school to tertiary education can be an exciting experience. The transition however, for many students like Keneuwe can be a daunting task due to the lack of sufficient financial support.

Keneuwe matriculated with the class of 2011. She was one of the top students, matriculating with 5 distinctions at Sekgutlong High School situated in the Free State. Celebrations however, were cut short for the bright young lady when she was faced with the realization that she might have to spend the year at home, and not pursue her dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA). Due to a lack of finances.

Hope arose in early January 2012 for the aspiring BAcc student through assistance provided by Macro Informative Youth Agency, a NGO founded by Mr Molefi Nyofane an Information Librarian at UJ. Mr Molefi, a legend in his own right for his assistance to the youth in rural areas, was profoundly moved by Keneuwe’s story and went to VC office and presented her case. Subsequently, Keneuwe received funding through the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UJ’s office as a result of the underprivileged fund.

With funding seen to, she began her BAcc degree and on Monday, 9 March 2015 the 22 year old Keneuwe graduated her degree in record time.

Her key to graduating in record time she says was time management and the full attendance of lecturers. She is grateful for the financial assistance provided by the University and describes UJ as the best at accountancy. “UJ provides outstanding accounting education, they prepare us for leadership early in our careers.”

The intelligent graduate had to overcome many challenges in her life to arrive at the point she is at now. In 2003, at the fragile age of 9-years-old her mother who was her only caregiver passed away and her aunt stepped in as guardian. Sadly, three weeks before her graduation her aunt, who had raised her, passed away as well and didn’t get the opportunity to see the educated graduate, that Keneuwe had become.

The vibrant alumna views her qualification as imperative to the economic growth of South Africa for the following reason: “CAs become entrepreneurs and create jobs in the process of doing so.” Her future is mapped out ambitiously, as she wishes to do her articles in auditing with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for three years after completing her CTA. After becoming a CA Keneuwe wants to provide accounting consulting services at auditing firms.

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