UJ’s Professor van der Linde awarded prestigious INSOL award

Professor Kathleen van der Linde, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Head of Department for Mercantile Law, has been selected as the INSOL Scholar for a period of two years.

INSOL is the acronym for the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals, a world-wide federation of national associations of lawyers and accountants specialising in turnaround and insolvency.

She will conduct research on the reorganisation of share capital in company restructuring plans, including through debt to equity conversions.

“This topic draws together my expertise in corporate finance and corporate insolvency law and further accommodates my interest in tax considerations pertinent to corporate restructuring,” said Prof Professor van der Linde.

“I hope to devote an upcoming sabbatical leave period to this project. With the technical support of INSOL and the generous funding attached to this award, I aim to undertake a comparative study spanning ten jurisdictions in developed as well as emerging jurisdictions,” she concluded.

INSOL has 45 member associations with over 10,000 professionals participating as members of INSOL International. INSOL also has ancillary groups that represent the judiciary, regulators, lenders and academics. The scholarship is an initiative of INSOL to work more closely with the academic profession and to support research on a specific area that could benefit its membership. Professor van der Linde, a member of the INSOL Academic Group, was chosen by a selection panel on the basis of her project proposal and publication record.

We congratulate Prof Kathleen van der Linde on this prestigious international scholar award.

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