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UJ’s innovative Resolution Circle opens doors for students to gain experience

​​Many graduates, after completing their studies, are often faced with the dilemma of finding a job because they do not have the required experience. The University of Johannesburg (UJ)’s Resolution Circle is turning the tables by offering that essential experience to UJ students.

​Resolution Circle launched the Resolution Circle Nano; a newly built structure on the Kingsway Campus situated next to the Human Resource offices on the A-block parking. The Nano building is equipped with high-tech equipment used to count and monitor huge crowds and spaces, offering a massive innovation in the research and development industries.


On Wednesday, 17 July 2013, top technology industry experts gathered in the building to witness the University’s milestone in bridging the gap between student and entry-level employee, in the manufacturing engineering and science fields. The programmes offered at the Resolution Circle Nano are part of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) requirements for a National Diploma in Engineering Technology, and are effectively a prerequisite for graduation. These students spend two years studying theory in class, and thereafter are required to spend a third year working in the industry to gain experiential learning.

Prof Willem Clarke, CEO: Resolution Circle officially opened the building saying, “We want to turn out young workers who can walk into their new workplace with the confidence of knowing that their hands are as well-prepared as their heads are.”


“A rift between industry and universities has existed for a long time,” said Prof Clarke, “partly because there is no defined commercial interface between the two parties. The result is inadequate awareness in industry of relevant research solutions, as well as relevant and important commercial problems never coming to the attention of the researchers who could potentially solve them,” he further explained.

Also present at the launch was Prof Roy Marcus, Chairperson: UJ Council, who echoed outstanding support to the birth of this multi-million rand project. “Tonight is absolutely a benchmark of something extraordinary in South Africa. The University (UJ) makes the commitment to meet the needs of the nation and this is one of the projects that show our commitment to build a better society,” said Prof Marcus at the launch.​

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