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UJ’s Department of Accountancy launches fundraising campaign to support students

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) Department of Accountancy is excited to announce the launch of its fundraising campaign aimed at providing essential financial support to its deserving students in financial need for their studies from 2024 onwards.

The campaign, titled “Accountancy@UJ Student Support Fund,” seeks to raise funds to offer financial support to deserving students in financial need, enabling them to excel academically and achieve their professional goals.

The Department of Accountancy at UJ has long been recognised for its commitment for excellence in accounting education and its contribution to transformation of the accounting profession. With a vision to foster the development of future industry leaders, the department is determined to ensure that every deserving student has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their financial circumstances. The fundraising campaign represents a significant step towards fulfilling this vision.

The “Accountancy@UJ Student Support Fund” aims to address the financial barriers faced by many of our students, which often hinder their ability to fully engage in their studies and pursue additional opportunities for personal and professional growth. This will not only alleviate financial burdens but also empower students with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in their accounting careers.

Professor Ben Marx, Head of the Department of Accountancy, expressed his passion and enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “We firmly believe that financial constraints should never limit a student’s potential. Through this fundraising campaign, we are committed to creating a supportive environment that enables all our students to realise their full potential academically and fulfill their aspirations of becoming successful leaders in the field of accounting.”

The success of this campaign heavily relies on the generosity and support of alumni, firms and employers, stakeholders and the wider community. Contributions to the “Accountancy@UJ Student Support Fund” will be ringfenced to directly impact the lives of UJ accountancy students, enabling them to concentrate on their studies.

The Department of Accountancy is calling on all who share its vision of providing accessible and exceptional education to talented individuals. Interested individuals or organizations can contribute to the campaign by visiting the dedicated fundraising webpage at: or by scanning the relevant QR code.

Donation QR CodeEvery donation, big or small, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of UJ accountancy students. By investing in their future, donors will play a vital role in shaping a generation of highly skilled and ethically responsible accountants who will make a lasting impact on the business world. Contributions will go a long way in supporting Accountancy@UJ students and making a social impact by developing great critical thinking accounting graduates for the future.

Donors will also be able to request a Section 18A tax certificate by donating to this worthy cause.

Student applications for funding will open ahead of registration in January 2024 where the criteria for deserving students to qualify for funding will also be available.

About the UJ Department of Accountancy:

The Department of Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg is a leading provider of accounting education in South Africa. It offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the accounting profession. The department is committed to promoting academic excellence, ethical conduct, and social responsibility among its students, preparing them to become future leaders in the field.

More info can be obtained by e-mailing the Department of Accountancy at

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