UJ uses Z-Card to enlighten students

​​​The University of Johannesburg has opted for a Z-CARD®, boosted with a QR code, to ensure new students registering for the academic year are kept informed as to how to navigate campus efficiently.​

Published : The Media Online, 2011-01-24


One side of the Z-CARD® provides information about orientation, fees, campus contact numbers, bursaries and faculties while the other provides a cartoon illustration of a step by step guide to online registration, along with maps of the various campus facilities.


Also, the back cover of the Z-CARD® contains a QR Code, which students scan and will then be taken online where they can find any other information they require.


“The pocket-sized Z-CARD® was posted to 2012 first year students during November, to make registration less daunting and easy for them,” says Louis Fourie, the University of Johannesburg’s logistics co-ordinator. “The content within the Z-CARD® also eliminates the need for students to ask a lot of questions, as all of the information they need has already been provided,” he adds.​


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