UJ to sign MoU with Soweto entrepreneurial giant Dr Richard Maponya, boosting skills transfer and archiving his legacy

​In an emerging economy such as South Africa, there is a growing need in both the public and the private sectors for new and skilled young entrepreneurs.

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is moving forward to advance a professional and successful environment to enable successful efforts in making this a reality. On Thursday, 4 June 2015, UJ will be joining hands with Soweto’s giant entrepreneur and ambassador for township-economy development, Dr Richard Maponya, to expand business acumen and skills transfer to students, and establish a safe haven for future generation of Dr Maponya’s life journey files.
The University will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dr Richard Maponya Institute to boost efforts in strengthening entrepreneurship.
UJ will, upon the signed MoU, provide infrastructure, as agreed on in the annual operational plan concluded in the preceding year, for the non-exclusive use of the Institute. The University will act as the designated and accredited examining body for the students enrolled in programmes with the Institute, until such time as the Institute has been accredited and is capable of fulfilling this function independently. This will be done in accordance with UJ’s applicable policies and procedures.
The MoU will further ensure that UJ assists, in collaboration with the Institute and in accordance with the IRDAS Model, with the creation of training material and programmes, in accordance with UJ’s applicable policies and procedures, to be offered by the Institute to students. UJ will also provide, as agreed between UJ and the Institute in writing prior to the implementation of each programme, skilled personnel to immediately commence with the training and teaching of enrolled students upon such date as the Institute commences its training programmes.
Prof Daneel van Lill will be representing UJ in his capacity as Executive Dean: Faculty of Management. Prof van Lill will be supported by the staff members of the Faculty’s Private Sector Management and Leadership Hub, specifically the Department of Business Management, Centre for Small Business Development (CSBD) and Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy (CSESE).
Also, with effect from the commencement date, the Institute will give UJ and, in particular, the UJ library a non-exclusive right to archive the “Dr Richard Maponya Legacy”. The legacy includes copies of documents, films and audio recordings, the originals of which shall remain with Dr Richard Maponya. The files embody the life story and entrepreneurial journey of Dr Richard Maponya.
Dr Richard Maponya’s entrepreneurship skills and keen business sense has had a profound impact on South African business development and access to these archives will provide students with learning opportunities that will undoubtedly be very beneficial. Such benefits will include ensuring that the Co-Operative Education Department of UJ is given a reasonable opportunity to directly benefit from the operations of the Institute employment readiness programmes, like internships, learnerships, skills, think-tanks, dialogues, conferences, public lectures, and entrepreneurship programmes through its collaboration with the Foundation and the Institute.
The partnership will also promote UJ to the students undertaking courses at the Institute, thereby potentially broadening UJ’s pool of prospective students. Dr Richard Maponya, in his capacity as a trustee representative of the Foundation and as a member and director of the Institute, further personally will undertake to ensure, to the best of his abilities that (a) His personal involvement at the lectures specified in clause 7 below for as long as he is conveniently able to do so and without incurring any personal liability in this regard; and (b) That UJ benefits from his established business and personal network, thereby providing UJ with a reasonable opportunity to establish relationships with respected individuals and/or entities on the Dr Richard Maponya Institute Entrepreneurs Network.
In this regard, it is recorded that the Institute is embarking on the establishment of a reputable Network of Entrepreneurs from its think-tanks, dialogues, and associates who will be part of the delivery pool for this network.
The Foundation is the sole member of the Institute and is a party to this Agreement in order to ensure that the Institute complies with all of its obligations under and in terms of this Agreement.
The Parties wish to record that the following events shall be undertaken jointly by the Parties:
  • The Dr Richard Maponya – UJ Annual Lecture on Entrepreneurship;
  • The Dr Richard Maponya Soweto Annual Conference on Entrepreneurship;
  • The Dr Richard Maponya Institute – UJ Quarterly Think Tanks; and
  • The Dr Richard Maponya – UJ Campus Based Practitioner Entrepreneurs Dialogues.


Event: Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Johannesburg and the Dr Richard Maponya Institute for Skills and Entrepreneurship Development NPC
Date: Thursday, 4 June 2015
Time: 09:00
Venue: Madibeng Lounge / Madibeng Building / Level 3 / Auckland Park Kingsway Campus


The following representatives are available for interviews on this development: Cecile Nieuwenhuizen 0115594369 cecilen@uj.ac.za; Molotsi, Moipone 0115595724 mmolotsi@uj.ac.za; Prof Daneel van Lill 0115594122 daneelvl@uj.ac.za.

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