UJ student registrations steam ahead, reaching major milestone

Registrations by new and returning students for the 2016 academic year at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) are steaming ahead and have achieved a significant milestone, with over 25% of all students having completed the necessary formalities and paid their initial fee instalment in the ten days since the process started.

The numbers are a very clear indication that the Gauteng Vice Chancellors’ view that the university community wants the academic year to get underway smoothly, on time, and without disruptions or violence, is shared by the vast majority of UJ students. The numbers also confirm that the online-only registration system is working smoothly, and has been embraced by UJ’s students.

“By early afternoon today, Wednesday, January 20th, we had registered over 13 000 students, which is more than one quarter of our entire student body and in line with the pace of registration in previous years,” said UJ Deputy Vice Chancellor Strategic Services, Ms Mpho Letlape. “This is a particularly significant number when one remembers that for many parents who are responsible for their children’s first fee instalment, payday is still a week away. It confirms that for students, parents, and communities, education is the most important route to empowerment and that students and parents are keen for learning and teaching to get underway smoothly.”

UJ’s online registration system and chat facility, plus the call centre, and a vetting service near or on all campuses dealing with personal enquiries and giving guidance to students who have already registered – particularly first years on how to obtain their student cards – are all contributing to making the 2016 registration process as effortless and seamless as possible. Some students on bursaries paid at the end of the academic year will still need further assistance in unblocking their registrations ahead of payment by their benefactors, and UJ is working on making further support available to these students as urgently as possible.

Registration remains open until February 3rd . It can be accessed 24/7 online at www.uj.a​c.za​. Anyone needing assistance is also welcome to call the UJ Call Centre on 011 559 4555.

As part of ensuring a smooth and conducive beginning to the academic year, the first fee instalment, sometimes incorrectly referred to as registration fees, must be paid by all students starting or resuming their studies. UJ recognises that not everybody can afford university fees and will continue with the support it provides for the neediest students.

This year, up to 10 000 students will be able to access a combination of NSFAS grants, UJ top up loan funding, and externally sourced funds. A second group of up to 5 000 financially needy students will receive support exclusively through the SRC Trust Fund to pay their first fee instalments. Information on how to access support from the SRC Trust Fund is available from the University’s Call Centre.

UJ continues to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety, security, and freedom of movement and debate of all its people.

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