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UJ Sport introduces Active Fridays for staff and students

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) has certified the University of Johannesburg (UJ) as a Healthy Campus university among 50+ affiliated higher education institutions globally. UJ is the only certified university, among the three FISU-linked African institutions participating in the international Healthy Campus Programme.

As such, the University was awarded a bronze status for fulfilling more than 55% of the 100 criteria defining a healthy campus university.

Get Involved: On Friday, 06 May 2022, UJ Sport will launch the UJ Active Fridays (a social cohesion event for employees). The recurring monthly events will have activities such as mini football and netball leagues, egg race, and board games. The inaugural event will take place at the Auckland Park Bunting Road (APB) Campus sportsgrounds. All employees are invited to sign up to participate, click here to register.

The Active Fridays events (which will take place once a month) will rotate from campus to campus. The events are categorised under Physical Activity and Sport, one of the seven UJ-FISU Healthy Campus domains.

*Each campus should register a team in each sporting code (football, netball, egg race, board games) to participate. Teams must represent a fair gender equality.

*Individuals can also register in groups to form teams per department or division.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) will sell food and beverages at the events.

TIME: 12h00 until 15h00

The events are scheduled to take place as follows:

06 May 2022 (LAUNCH) (12h00-15h00)APB Sports Grounds (AW Muller Stadium)
27 May 2022Kingsway Campus, Milo Park (near Helen Joseph hospital)
24 June 2022Soweto Campus Sports Complex/Grounds
29 July 2022APB Sports Grounds (AW Muller Stadium)
26 August 2022Kingsway Campus, Milo Park (near Helen Joseph hospital)
30 September 2022Soweto Sports Complex/Grounds
28 October 2022APB Sports Grounds (AW Muller Stadium)
25 November 2022 (Prize Giving)Kingsway Campus, Milo Park (near Helen Joseph hospital)

About the Healthy Campus Programme: The Healthy Campus Programme is premised on FISU’s seven cardinal pillars, namely; 1) Healthy Campus Management, 2) Physical Activity and Sport, 3) Nutrition, 4) Disease Prevention, 5) Mental and Social Health, 6) Risk Behavior, and 7) Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Initiatives of the Healthy Campus Programme are beneficial to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (formerly known as the Millennium Development Goals).

For universities to obtain the Healthy Campus World Certification, they are evaluated in two-year cycles. The first cycle consists of a self-assessment, with an audit conducted by FISU officials in the second cycle. After careful and thorough assessment of the universities’ submitted answers and evidences to the 100 criteria, a score determining the status (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) is assigned for excellence.

For more information, contact / 0115591307.

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