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UJ Soweto Science Centre hosts 2018 National Science Week

The University of Johannesburg Soweto Science Centre will be hosting National Science Week (NSW) 2018 activities on the Soweto Campus of the University of Johannesburg from 30 July -3 August 2018.

National Science Week is run in all nine provinces simultaneously at multiple sites per province. The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) is appointed by the Department of Science & Technology (DST) as the implementing agency and plays the role of the National Project Manager for the National Science Week.

Each year a different theme is chosen and activities are offered around the theme to the target audiences. The theme for 2018 is “Deepening our democracy through science.

The goal of the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Science Centre in 2018 is to highlight to the importance of democracy in the lives of Soweto people and South Africans, for their futures and for the development of society.

From 30 July until 3 August 2018 the University of Johannesburg Soweto Science Centre will present a series of interesting exhibitions, science shows, workshops, public lectures on a wide range of Science topics – such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Crystallography, biology, Geology and many more.

Experiments from various exhibitors from universities and private industry will take part. We hope to put together an exciting and educational programme. The programme will focus on grade 10-12 mathematics and science learners.

Soweto Science Centre NSW 2018 programmes will promote improved public and political understanding of the central role of DEMOCRACY in the modern world while also celebrating the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela.

Uj Soweto Science Centre
UJ Soweto Science Centre
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