UJ Security Officers’ vigilance leads to arrests

The swift action by members of UJ’s Protection Services led to the arrest of two suspected con artists who tried to swindle a UJ student of cash in exchange for a smart phone at a shopping centre close to the University’s Aucklandpark Kingsway Campus, in the afternoon of Thursday, 08 August 2013.​

​​​​​​​Two UJ students alerted UJ’s APK Protection Services control room that the suspects are attempting to scam unexpected individuals. UJ’s Protection Services control room immediately dispatched security officers to the site and alerted the SAPS. The suspects were apprehended and are currently in detention.


UJ commends our students for the promptness with which they alerted UJ’s Protection Services who in turn contacted the SAPS. The University urges staff and students to be vigilant and on the lookout for conmen trying to sell smart phones and laptops at highly reduced prices. UJ’s Protection Services are available 24-hours, seven day a week and can be contacted at:

  • APB – 011 559 1312
  • APK – 011 559 2555
  • DFC – 011 559 6450
  • SWC – 011 559 5555
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